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Ginger Black is a 41-year-old divorcee, but in this scene, she`s doing a little bit of roleplaying. She`s married. Her hubby is away. She doesn`t know how much time she has to fuck Tony, but she knows it ain`t much. Tony figures they`ll get things started by him getting a gargle job from this big-titted blonde with succulent lips, but she says, "Why don`t you have fun with that pussy," and lies back and opens up her legs. So Tony does as he`s told. Wouldn`t you?

To say that Ginger enjoys sucking and fucking would be an understatement. She drools all over Tony`s cock and sucks it deep. As she rides his cock, we see the tramp stamp at the bottom of her back, and we can see the cock going in and out of her tight cunt. She has a wide ass, and after driving her pussy up and down on the cock a bunch of times and getting her butt slapped, Ginger says, "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

So he fucks her in the ass, and then he cums in her mouth, and then she sucks his cum and her ass juice off of his cock.

"The guys I want to spend time with make me laugh," Ginger said. "I enjoy a man with a sense of humor and a dirty mind."

Ginger has a dirty mind. She once hosted a gangbang soiree with 10 men. She was the only woman. She likes to dress in slutty clothes. Take her on a date to a disrobe club. Then take her home and fuck her mouth, pussy and ass. That`s the way she likes it.

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