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Getting to know Kali Karinena

"I enjoy showing off my body, so I wear tight-fitting dresses that are indeed short," said Kali Karinena, a 44-year-old wife and mommy who fucked for the first time at and is now back for more. But first, we`re going to get to know her. And after we get to know her, we`re going to watch her get herself off. And then, this Wednesday, we`re going to watch her get ass-fucked by a 24-year-old guy.

Kali is a beautiful brunette with a tight, curvy body. She looks younger than her 44 years.

"I get that all the time," she said. "What I do normally get is that I`m well-preserved. I`ve always had this body. It`s just gotten better over the years. I`m living a fuller life now, and my body reflects this."

Kali is from California. Before she visited our studio, she had never been photographed bare by a professional photographer. Which means it`s her first time having sex on-camera, which fits right into her desires.

"What indeed gets me off is having sex with strangers," she said. " I know it`s weird, but I confess it. I define stranger as somebody new to me. Somebody I just met."

You`re going to love meeting Kali.

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